Top 8 Interior Design Resources on Internet for Interior Design Industry

Interior design industry depends on the creativity of the interior designer. However even the most genius designer sometimes need inspiration and advice from the other designers. In this article we give you the top 8 interior design resources on internet that would give you the exemplary pictures of the amazing interior design, practical tips and tricks from a reputable interior designers around the world. Have a look.


When someone searches about interior design and he googling it, the first site that will show in the result pages will be Houzz. Yes, this website is dubbed of having the largest collection of interior design industry picture ideas especially house design ideas. The website platform is easy to use for users with any kind of backgrounds. The website not only contains of pictures but also the articles of tips and tricks from reputable designers that would help ordinary people to create fabulous interior design on their house.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is the bible for every architects, interior designers and decorators. This iconic magazine has online version too. It is the ultimate resources for you who are interested in architectural.


Anyone who love modern or contemporary style must read this magazine. Its commitment for modern style for more than decade makes Dwell become the reliable resource in interior design.

Habitually Chic

Habitually chic is a blog written by Heather Clawson, a decorator, photographer, author and blogger from New York. Her blog more focused on high-end conceptual designs and the latest interior design ideas around the world. If you want to know what the trending development in interior design industry recently, this blog is good for your reference.


This blog is provided many ideas of interior and exterior ideas that ordinary people would never imagine there were such things like the articles in the blog. This blog can be the inspiration for you who are looking for an out-of-the box ideas.


Holly Becker as the founder of is an American interior stylist and author. She collects all inspiring interior designs and ideas from around the world and also some advices and solutions for decorating and designing rooms. Those advices and solutions cover all budget ranges so the readers can select which one is the best suit for them.


If you concern with the environment, you should follow this twitter account. @inhabitat shares useful tips about the latest technologies and innovations in interior design that are eco-friendly. It also gives many information about how to maximize the small spaces.


Jurgen Beneke is famous interior designer that also film-set designer in Hollywood. He shares all the coolest interiors and furniture he has made. Follow his twitter account if you do not want to be the last person who know about the trending development in interior designs.

Those are the top 8 interior design resources that you can find online. Those website, blog and twitter feeds are some online resources who help the development of interior design industry. They can be your guidance if you need any help in interior design.

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