Tips to Get Old World Kitchen Designs

Old world kitchen designs are always sought by homeowners who love rustic and classic themes. Kitchen is an important part of the house. It is used in daily basis to cook and prepare the meal. If the kitchen is not well-decorated, it will be plain and boring. No one wants to be in there for a long time then. That is the reason why kitchen needs to be decorated as pretty as possible.

There are many ways to decorate kitchen including to give it a theme. Choosing a theme for the kitchen is not hard at all. It can be matched with the theme of the house. So, the result will be cohesive. If the house of yours use rustic or old world theme, then old world kitchen designswill be suitable for you. Below, you can see the tips to give your kitchen rustic or old world theme.

  1. Use Rustic Woods

The main essence of finding old world kitchen designs or finding rustic theme is the use of wood. Wood is like the only material to build a house back then. Thus, woods like hickory, cherry, pine, and also alder become the core of rustic design. Among all those woods, the best one to represent the charm of old world kitchen is pine, for sure. Pine has a great color which is a combination between dark brown and a slight orange. The wood is also great in quality because it is pretty hard and solid. That is why this kind of wood is the perfect choice to be used as flooring material and also cabinetry material in your old world kitchen. You can also use pine wood to build the countertops and also to build kitchen islands.

  1. Use Exposed Beam

If you take a look at the picture of an old world kitchen, you will notice that one of the characteristics of that kind of kitchen is the exposed wooden beams hanging on the ceiling. Indeed, it is very rustic and very interesting. That is why you can make them in your kitchen. Building such beam is not going to cost you a lot of money. In fact, it makes you save a lot of money instead because then you do not have to refine the ceiling by using fancy decorations. Let the wooden beam in the shape of a log or just refine it a little bit with a touch of paint. Leave it as natural as possible.

  1. Use Natural Materials

Rustic charm revolves around natural materials. We have talked about wooden materials. However, beside wooden materials, there are plenty more natural materials to be used in an old world kitchen such as stone, for example. Stone is an amazing option for your rustic kitchen because it has that natural look. It looks amazing on your countertops. Stones do come in plenty colors and patterns. Thus, you can totally play with it in the kitchen decorations. Beside stone, you can also use clay. The reddish clay in your kitchen will totally enhance the outstanding old world kitchen designs.

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