Three Living Room Designs with Fireplace

Living room designs with fireplace are often needed by homeowners living in cold area. Having a fireplace in the living room is somewhat important to warm up the entire room. However, even when the weather is not cold, fireplace can be used for the sake of decoration as well. Considering that living room is one of the most important room in the house, completing it with fireplace so that it can look even more refined is indeed essential. Choosing a fireplace for the living room totally depends on the size and the style of the living room. Below, you will see several suggestions about the living room designs with fireplace.

  1. Old and Rustic Living Room with Insert Fireplace

Usually, in an old and rustic home, there is already a fireplace opening in the living room. This is where the homeowner installs the fireplace. It will be easier to install because the opening is already there and what the homeowner has to do is inserting the fireplace into the opening. The best design for a fireplace like this is the simple design. You do not have to use glass as the front cover to keep the rustic and old look. However, if you think the glass cover is needed to protect the smaller members of the family from getting too close to the fireplace and hurt themselves, you could totally install a glass front cover. Keep the fireplace looking realistically natural with wooden color and direct-vent.

  1. Contemporary Living Room with Freestanding Fireplace

This kind of living room is practically the opposite of the rustic living room. In this kind of living room, everything speaks sophistication. It is not about the natural and classic look but it is all about modern stuff and unique shapes. Thus, the perfect kind of fireplace for a contemporary living room is the freestanding fireplace. It is just flexible and modern. It can be used in many kinds of styles. It is because the fireplace does not even have to be mounted on the wall. You can totally just put it in the middle of the living room and creating living room designs with fireplace. The good thing about using this kind of fireplace is that it is more efficient to heat the room. Do not worry about the chimney because freestanding fireplace can also be vented through the chimney quite easily.

  1. Small Living Room with Zero Clearance Fireplace

Not everyone can afford buying a large house with large living room. Most of today’s room is quite small and so is the living room. If the living room is small but you still want to have a fireplace it in, you can totally use a zero clearance fireplace. Basically, this kind of fireplace is self-contained, almost like the freestanding type. Beside of that, the zero clearance fireplace can be installed anywhere in the room. The good thing about this fireplace is the space saving aspect. No space is required at all when you install the fireplace and the wall. Also, there is no chimney needed because in this kind of fireplace, it is vented right to the roof. Living room designs with fireplace for small living room have to involve zero clearance living room.

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