Spa Interior Design Ideas for Home

It must be amazing to have spa in our own house. You do not have to spend the amount of money to pay the unbelievable price of the spa. You can create spa interior design by yourself at your own house, even you small bathroom can be magically turn into spa. What should you do? Let’s have a look.

Use natural-inspired hues

When you go to spa, you are expected to feel calm and relax. The natural-inspired hues like gray, green and beige give calming effect for you. Paint your walls with those kind of colors and feel the difference to your sense. The neutral colors also create an illusion of larger space. It will perfect for small bathroom turn into spa.

Install dimming lights

If you do not have a problem with spa interior design budget, it is recommended to install lighting with dimmer control on your bathroom. Dimming lights will sooth your nerves strain while you lie down in the tub. Ask professional electrician to do the job because installing dimming lights requires elaborate works on electrical circuit.

Select deep tub

Even though you only have small bathroom, you can still pamper yourself with relaxing hot tub. Instead of longer tub, it is recommended to pick the deeper tub so you can soak your body completely.

Fancier massage shower head

Not all people have enough space in their bathroom to install the tub. If you are among those people, then it is recommended to install massage shower head to give you relaxation every times you take shower. Massage shower head does not need space, elaborate installment and amount of money. It is a must-have item for you.

Install towel-warmer

Warmer towel is a recommended item to be put into your spa interior design. You can put towel-warmer inside bathroom vanity or mounted on the wall. If you have small bathroom, wall-mounted towel-warmer can be your best option. It won’t take space on the floor and won’t disturb the traffic. Feel the spa sensation when you covered in warm towel after long soak in the tub.

Put waterproof audio stereo

Lying in the tub with meditation music played in the background is the signature of the spa places. You can copy their style by putting waterproof audio stereo in your bathroom. Set meditation CD or playlist and start to relax in your own tub.

Put oil diffuser

Forget the scented candles and instead put oil diffuser in the bathroom. Oil diffuser is much safer and more aromatic than candles. You will get romantic feeling in the room in short time.

Install tub trays

Wine has been proved having calm effect to the nerves. You can see in many movies the scene of lying in the tub with a glass of wine in the actors’ hand. It really helps you to be relax like in the spa. Set tub trays for safety reason since glass can be slipped out of your hand very easily. Those are several ideas that can be the inspirations when you create spa interior design for your home. Hope they can help you making fabulous spa design.

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