Scandinavian Interior Design for Small Apartment

Scandinavian interior design is pretty popular. This combines the modern art combos with the semi-rustic in it. Besides, this style works very beautifully in small spaces even you can use this style to bring in the elegant impression in the small apartment. Basically Scandinavian style uses sleek design of furniture and also white color as the main concern so the room will look and feel wide even though the space is small. In this article we have several tips you can follow if you like to transform your apartment interior into Scandinavian style. Do not worry if the space is not wide enough because the neutral color palettes will help you to figure it out anyway.

It contains mixed-use clutters

Scandinavian style focuses on white as the main color, but it does not mean that you cannot have another colors. You can pick the other color to complement the room as long as it feels right and the color should not make the room feel worse. Other than that, you are also allowed to put pattern and texture in the room. The trick on interior design for small apartment can be such as combining white wall with deep blue on the curtains, sofa, and coffee tables. Then you can put textures and patterns on them. Hanging some huge artworks on the wall will be great to occupy the huge wall though. It will be cluttered but it looks very nice.

Repeat the busy patterns

Some people might think that small spaces do not match with strong textures and busy patterns. But actually there is certain trick to make the patterns complement the room without have to interfere with the calm vibe. As we have said in previous paragraph, you can add another color for the sofa, ottoman, coffee table, curtains, cushions, and many more. Those spaces are your place to put the pattern. Put the busy pattern on curtains, cushions, and ottoman can form the continuity in the room. Besides, it could be the interest of the space. Just pick your favorite pattern such as animal print, flowers, or just geometric shapes.

But you should keep in mind that you cannot mix too much prints or patterns in one room. It would be overwhelming.

Multi-function furniture

Since the apartment space is pretty limited, you cannot go with what you want. Sometimes you love to put many accessories in the room but the space just does not let that happen. So, you need to go with furniture with multi-function. Ottoman with ability to be a coffee table will be highly recommended.

Storage with smart color

Storage is a must for any room and any house. You will need a wardrobe or everything with tall shape. In order to keep the spacious space, you better make that storage has blend color with the wall. Other than that, the storage will be better to have ceiling height. Trust me it will avoid the heavy feeling in the room. Well, it is not impossible to have small apartment with Scandinavian interior design.

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