Recessed Lighting Living Room

Recessed lighting living room is lighting system in the living room that is rarely used in the family traditional houses. Recessed lighting system is typically used in office buildings, apartments and studios. Besides, the lighting system is also widely used in shops or boutiques. Actually, recessed lighting is very useful because it saves space in your living room. Recessed light is also very efficient in lighting, electrical energy saving you, but it gives a good lighting.Placement of the correct recessed light in your living room may feature space arrangement that you design. Installation of recessed light is usually performed in conjunction with the construction of your house, because it requires careful planning. This planning should also be in line with the path of electrical cables and centers of electricity in your house. You can use halogen or LED lamps for the recessed lighting. But many people prefer to use LED because it saves energy. Before you purchase these lamps, firstly you have to define your living room size and wattage you will need in a room. When it is decided, you can start dividing the wattage into lamp number you are going to buy. For example, if you need 100 watts in a room and you need 10 sets of light bulb, you should buy 10 watts for each light bulb. Easy, right? At night, turning all of your recessed light of the house will make it so bright. This is why you need to have the correct recessed light management in the house, to avoid any neighborhood disruption when they need to get rest.

Avoid to set all of the light bulbs in one swtich, because you might need to turn on some of them, not all. You need to divide the switch based on area. Living room is sometimes functioned as reading room or family room. In case you often use it as reading room, it is nice to install a hidden gimbal lamp over the reading spot. Installing recessed light definitely needs an electrician who is expertise with lights.

Usage of recessed light in a living room can be mixed with other lights, for example with decorative lights. Recessed light has a function that a regular decorative lights cannot have. It adds lighting where your decorative lights cannot reach. Recessed light installation should be tidy. Recessed light has influence to the living room paint color. So, before painting your living room, it is better tested first. The right combination of living room paint color and recessed light will make you decorated living room look fabulous and inviting. Effect you get from floor recessed lighting and ceiling recessed lighting are different. Recessed lighting installed in the floor will light the upper part of your living room, and vice versa. You can combine both lighting, just give specific distance from each other so that there is no overlap lightings you don’t need. If you have big plantation in the living room that you put in a pot, you can light this spot with floor recessed light. This is where decorative light is one function of recessed lighting living room.

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