How to Select the Right Colleges with Interior Design in USA for You

Are you interested with interior design program and want to enroll the program in USA? Well, you come to the right place. This article will give you information about factors that you need to consider when you choose colleges with interior design in USA so that you pick the right college. Let’s take a look.

Not all colleges in USA have interior design program. In fact, only few of them that have the program. Though they are just only a few, you still have to examine very carefully all the information about those colleges especially regarding several factors like these:

Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)

Make sure you have selected the program that have been approved and accredited by CIDA. You will know right away whether the particular school have been accredited or not since all the CIDA accredited colleges with interior design in USA would put its accreditation on their website. You can ask the admission office if you don’t know for sure about the school’s accreditation.

Type of degree the school has offered

Interior design program has three degree related to the field, BA, BS and BFA. BA (Bachelor of Arts) program will give you more general education courses about traditional and liberal arts. It makes you complete artist and resourceful scholar. BS (Bachelor of Science) program will more focus to the interior design subject though you still can get general education courses small portion. BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) program will run general education courses in equal portion with the subject matter.

Flexible or narrow program

Some schools allow their student to explore their artistic talents and designs. They give an opportunity for students to know all kinds of designs until they find what they want. While the other schools have already decided what their students must do and focus. If you already know what your passion is, you better enroll to the latter schools. Explore the websites from each program and read carefully so that you can get the feeling which type of school you want to enroll.

Portfolio requirements

Every schools that offered art and design programs will require the applicants to submit portfolio of their work. Some schools set tough requirements that probably is out of your capacity while some other set moderate requirements that you can easily meet those requirements. Check all the portfolio requirements and when their due date. Make sure you have enough time to complete all the requirements. The more requirements you can fulfill, the higher chance you can be accepted.

The location   

You will spend four years and much money to enroll the program so you must consider the location of your school. If you feel uncomfortable with the location, it may give bad effects to your study later. Make sure you will enjoy living in the area and the location will give you some benefits that may help you achieve the target as interior designer. Those are five important factors you must consider when you choosecolleges with interior design in USA. Hope this article can help you select the right school and get success in the school and career.

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