Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

Feng shui interior design is design or decorating ideas based on the feng shui. And if you are still wondering about what feng shui exactly is, we will explain it first for you. Feng shui is practice knowledge with an idea that the whole house describes what is going on in the homeowner’s life. Long story short, the whole house design describes what is inside the homeowner’s mind and body. Why we should consider feng shui before designing and decorating our house? Well, it is because you need good environment that complement and get along with your body. Other than that, it helps you to harmonize and collaborating the energy or the house and yours.

Well, in this article we are going to give you tips about designing the interior of your house based on feng shui practice and collaborate it withinterior design ideas for living room. Check this out.

About shapes, seating, and relation of spatial

When you put a sofa against the huge solid wall, it is better to leave some space between the wall and the sofa so they have a room for breathing.

If eventually there is no wall for the sofa, you can put a console table behind the sofa. To make it looks beautiful, put a table lamp on the table. And if it is possible you can put a mirror across the sofa so you are able to see anything behind you, in case you need something that makes you feel protected.

Circular or oval table coffee is preferred than the rectangular or square-shaped coffee table. The energy flows better with oval or circular. Even though circles are good for the energy flow, it goes better with mixing the shapes in the living room.

About windows, colors, and clutters

Basically, it is up to you whether to cover the windows of living room or not. Some of homeowners love to see the outside world and the others are enjoying the private view in the living room. But if there is a huge window right across the door, it seems like the energy will go out easily through the window. Covering the windows with drapes or curtains are recommended. Or you can also put beautiful plants in front of the window.

Having a television in the living room is fine as long as you are OK with that as the focal point of the living room. But if the main purpose of your living room is for family gathering or welcoming the guest, it is better to keep the TV in the private spaces such as bedrooms.

Basically, lighting also lights up the energy in the room. So, it is better if you keep the living room light and avoid the presence of the dark space in the living room. Light works really well with good colors. Rich and saturated colors are good to boost the energy of the room such as eggplant, deep blue, lime green, and many more based on feng shui interior design.

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