Chandeliers as The Best Living Room Ceiling Light Fixtures

The most efficient living room ceiling light fixtures are totally the chandeliers. This hanging lamp with elegant style has been used to illuminate the room for centuries. Back then, chandeliers were just a series of candles arranged neatly and then hung down the ceiling. Today, with all the modern stuff and electricity, chandeliers are no longer made out of candles but they are using lightbulb and powered by electricity. As modern living room light fixtures, there are plenty kinds of chandelier. Below, you will see several kinds of chandelier as the best living room ceiling light fixtures.

  1. Crystal Chandeliers

This kind of chandelier is one of the most famous kinds. It is so grand looking and perfect for extravagant living room. Crystal chandelier looks really glamour. It can be the centerpiece the living room. Beside of that this kind of chandelier is also perfect to be installed in the dining room as well. At a glance, the modern living room light fixtures look really great with all the dripping crystal and glass. It has really dramatic effect and refined look to make your living room even more stunning. Surely, this crystal chandelier is going to impress anyone who are looking at it.

  1. Glass Chandeliers

Glass is one of the most common materials to make chandeliers. It is not as extravagant as crystal but it still looks amazing. This kind of chandelier is totally available in various sizes and also shapes. That is why this kind of chandelier is just perfect to be used in any types of living room including rustic and modern. The classic looking chandelier is also providing more light to the room as the glass shades coming from the chandelier is really amazing and grand looking. It is just simple but modern living room light fixtures. It will make your living room looks really great.

  1. Candle Chandeliers

Back then, chandeliers were indeed made by candles. However, today is a modern day and modern living room light fixtures do not use candle anymore. The chandelier here is using “candle” but it is just a lightbulb shaped like candle. As the result, the chandelier looks really classy and it offer lots of unique features. The flickering lightbulbs that imitate the candlelight give your living room a great looking light fixture hanging down the ceiling. It is great and it is totally outstanding in many types of living room, especially the classic and extravagant ones.

  1. Chandeliers with Shades

This kind of chandeliers can bring a dim light for your living room. So, if your living room needs a dramatic effect of lighting, this kind of chandelier is the answer. The chandelier can bring a soft lighting because of the shaded drum pendants on it. It is totally beautiful and the pendants can dome in many different styles and shapes. As the result, this kind of chandelier can be installed in many styles of the living room. Also, the living room ceiling light fixtures can be used in the master bedroom as well to give the dim light and the glamour look of the bed room.

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