Black and White Kitchen Designs

Bring the striking style and design from this classic colors black and white kitchen designs to create elegant and chic colors improvement look. When it is black and white design, it is the long lasting and timeless design colors that will not influence with seasonal trends of design interior. For kitchen design, as this is a high traffic area where use for preparing meals for family, then right position from white and black combinations is really need to be considered. This perfect combination composition colors due to the white color that can faster look dull when it is not maintenance in right. Therefore, put the white color is main thing need to focus when designing black and white design in kitchen.

For the first inspiration come from Westchester ranch house. If ranch house usually bring the rustic theme wit brown wooden color, then this ranch house accommodate vintage style with modern white decoration. The kitchen decorated with silver pendant lights that hang over the marble top kitchen counter that add the minimalist accent and clean into this black and white kitchen design. The black bar chair is added for give additional chair set from the provided wooden dining chair in beside kitchen. The black painted cabinet frame is paired with white backsplash tile. The second idea is come from French kitchen design with transitional 1890’s style. The kitchen featured with glazed black tile subway in the wall. The French Cubic’s tiling is added for color the floor. Most of black and white kitchen designs below are the classic design style that corporate the classic theme such as retro, minimalist or contemporary style in different striking style. The example of this classic style is 1920’s themed kitchen the white kitchen island that topped with the bold black color for contrasting the countertop. The black frame window put another black item with ceiling black wood that pair with white pendant lights.

The modern classic design for kitchen with black and white is come from Parisian urban décor kitchen. The custom low cabinetry dark with white marble countertop is paired with zebra cushions chairs. The dining room that unites with kitchen is colored in black. Next design is Loft kitchen that blend natural material with modern touch finishing. This design embraces the black and white beauty with rustic appeal touch. There is leather upholstered barstool that use for seating in around then mahogany butcher. The next idea is kitchen dining room design with black and white glossy look. This kitchen design considered brushed metal kitchen island with additional countertop that use for breakfast menu. The industrial pendant lights add the sophisticated statement from this kitchen. The last design for your black and white kitchen inspiration is kitchen with tumbled-marble floor that complementary with white cabinet. The soapstone counters make it easily to clean. The woodsy touch from rough-hewn beam is added for giving country style design. The factory stools from brushed metal is add for adding retro look in this black and white kitchen designs

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