Best Innovation of Modern Floor Lamps for Living Room

Setting modern floor lamps for living room is one example of instrumental elements in creates inviting space in your home. The tall and narrow design from a floor lamp is great addition for slipping your space into the unique corner, the lighting for living room sofa or in library, or just use for entrance hall brightening light. From the design itself, floor lamps have visual attraction to any eyes when they enter living room in any settings number. No matter the design, whether it will be a complicated or simple design, this can be a great focal point in your living room. If you are looking for floor lamps for living room, then these considerations will guide you on how to choose best lighting from floor lamps. The tip will guide you to select floor lamps with best style, shade and base selection. Decide what statement that you want to make. The striking floor lamp can featured the living room just by adding color, height and character into the room. In other side, it is also able to subtle addition into the room, blend into the room’s furniture and fittings.

Decide the living room scale especially when you choose tall living room lamps. The very tall lamp will stands out with very low ceiling, and for much overhead space, then the too short lamp will dazzling the guests. The last to consider is choose what light types that you want to add in living room. The standing lamp is functionally both for task and ambient lighting purpose therefore decide the priority which the best floor lamps that you need to go.  This top 5 best floor lamp for living room are great ideas to set in your living room to enhance stylish decoration. The first idea is Eileen Gray’s Roattino Lamp from M2L. With the modernist design, the lamp combines black and white with clean lines, hard metal and curves in the design. The lamp is shaped-S with lacquered-steel frame.

The next idea is Steeman lamp from Holly Hunt. This modern lamp corporate the geometry designs with elegant and stylish. It combines the oval shape as base design and angular steel frame. For shade light, it uses the watercolor paper. This is perfect lighting addition to narrow entrance hall. The third design is Lange lamp from Shelton, MIndel and Assoc. this lamp designed with frame leather wrap and exposed stitching expose. The design is understated and chic style with navy blue blazer light ambience. The base is polished nickel and it available in leather. The fourth rank is Tolomeo Mega from Artemide. If you need lamp that reachable into your high ceiling, then this lamp is perfect for you. This lamp will be great addition in room that there is no overhead lighting. The lamp sets whatever illuminates apart and adding enough ambiences light. The last is the lasting classic design from Louis Poulsen Y lighting, Arne Jacobsens lamp. This lamp has sleek design that makes it look elegant and timeless with die-cast zinc and steel frame. It is perfect for modern floor lamps for living room by adding colors in living room with crisp and linear way.

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