Art Deco Interior Design for Homes

Art deco interior designs are kind of popular in this post-modern era. Art deco style in interior design is like swag but with old-school shades. It can be so irresistible as long as you put the right thing in the right place. So in this article we are going to talk about art deco in the style of interior for houses.

Art deco is a style that initially develops in late 20s up to early 30s. Yes, it is the era when the World Wars I and II were happening. The main concern of this style is the function and also the opulence and glamorous look as the focus. It is also like you desperately need the style to decorate your space in the house.

Art deco works really well in interior design for homes because it has style that shows and embraces the best things you ever know about Roaring Twenties. Suave and exuberant will be the first impression you see from this style. You definitely have to apply this style in your house if you like something bold, flashy, jewelry, and also luxury. Chrome will be your affair too.

Evocative lighting

Mood is what you need in each room of your house. Other than that, mood is one of the most important things on the art. Forming art deco in the room should be getting along with good lighting even it is a crucial thing. Brass and chrome is the best partner for art deco since it looks so futuristic from that era. You should have scones for lighting. Putting sunburst patterns will make your space looks so stand out for the style.

Strong geometry shape

It can be touted that the signature or the most popular element in the art deco as interior style is the geometry shapes that are so strong and bold. It also highlight that this era really avoids fussy, dainty profiles and patterns. In other hand, art deco looks so bold with the sophisticated curves anyway

If you want to glam it up, you can make accent in a space. For example, you put green rectangular-shaped tiles for the backsplash in the bathroom. Put black tiles to accentuate the backsplash will look really nice. White palette for the fixtures in the bathroom will give great visual of art deco in the bathroom.

Sleek surface

As we all know, this era is about the optimistic in the future. This also applies on the interior style. Shine is what they want. The characteristic of furniture with art deco style will be lacquered wood, polished metal and wood, and also glossy paint with the gleaming and slick touch. In order to reflect the quality, adding sprinkle glass in the room will be very considered.

If you want to make it up, you can choose the leather-like materials with very good texture. The skin of rays and sharks are pretty popular in that era. Well, you can find the imitation version in the market though. Elegant and glamour is one of art deco interior designs.

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