5 Tips on Designing Your Living Room Ideas to Look Expensive

Designing your living room ideas to look expensive can be done by applying things that are not expensive for sure. Basically, living room is the first place in somebody’s home that will be looked by people. You probably also spend more your time in the living room rather than your room, especially if you already have family and the living room is set for informal occasion. People also believe that a living room describes the owner so you should make good impression in this space. Adding taste and applying some tricks will make your living room looks expensive.

Simplify the style

Style depends on the personal’s taste and it cannot be debated. But, in this point you need to simplify the living room in order to look neat, clean, not too much in the accessories, free from clutters, and many more. Just by paring down your whole collection and left some of them (which is very valuable for you) in the living room will make this space looks shiny in positive way. Ideas for designing your living room can be started with your favorite stuff.

Be creative with the wall

Wall is a space you can be creative with, especially the wall around the TV. Camouflaging the television spot will make your living room looks sophisticated. Black and huge television (or white) can be placed in the center of the wall or a table. Then you can put some pictures with very nice art arrangement on the wall around the television. It is like you have a television framed by brilliant art pieces. This decoration works really well if the TV is not too huge.

Play with fabric

Rugs, draperies, upholsteries, and anything like that are something that you should pay attention too. Designing your own living room should match your taste and personality. In order to make it looks expensive and luxury, you better play with the material of the fabric and also the color and patterns. But still, you have to make sure that the fabrics are matched with the whole furniture in the room. The sofa, cushions, rugs, and curtains are the interesting area to play with when we are talking about fabric.

Include sculpture in the room

Not all people are into sculpture for their living room decoration. But if you like to have them, living room is a great place to put the sculpture. It adds the antique and genius vibe in the living room. In order to complement the genius atmosphere, you can put a bookshelf in the living room with animal-printed rug. Some rustic coffee table will also be a good pair for this kind of living room. Design ideas for your living room can be very simple but it does make change.

Playing with texture

After play with the fabric material, you can play textures for living room. Mixing materials with different textures will add some luxurious impression of living room. Glass and metal would be a good pair. Making a space becomes inviting is the main goal of designing your living room ideas.

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