4 Ways on How to Be an Interior Designer and Learn Interior Design

How to be an interior designer seems to be guidance for those having passion in interior design field. If you love interior design and have the passion for furniture organization, decoration, and interior, it may be appropriate for you taking a study in interior design. Training is not suggested. Everyone having skills and abilities in interior design can work to be an interior designer. These are some ways on how to be a good interior designer.

Assessing Your Skills in Interior Design

Assessing your skills, strengths, and weaknesses is an early stage to learn interior design. If the other people praise your work on decorating skills, you may have the skills on it. You have a passion for being a good interior designer. But, when you have worked for the others, you will face some different styles and tastes of the interior design. You have to show your deep and comprehensive knowledge in space planning, cloth, and the other materials.

Training Yourself

When you want to be an interior design, surely you have to learn interior design. However, it doesn’t need have any degree of interior design if you want. Some trials and certifications of interior design can give a trusted credibility for the others. There are many courses offering associate degree and often have short certification program in interior design. Online and home programs can help you to work on it. In addition, you can form yourself soon with all available sources on website. Learn some basic principles, types of materials, history, and decoration styles.

Then, don’t forget to train your ability and skill of interior design as much as you can. Help your friends and family in decoration projects. Find voluntarily projects and organization for interior design. Even, room decoration for special events is the best experience for changing goods.  It also becomes the best ways to train and improve semi-professional status. The idea is to give services with the payment of goods. This is useful to train your experience and ability in designing home interior design.

Developing Your Interior Design Portfolio

Make sure that you have taken pictures of all projects that you did. Keep your paper and portfolio via online. It is used to integrate thematic group in some social media or decoration website. All decoration blogs can offer chances to show your portfolio of interior design. Try making the professional and great portfolio of interior design. It is suggested to communicate and display it on online media.

Seeking Jobs as Interior Designer

Due to the high competition, big salary seems to tease you. If you really want to be an interior design, it is better to develop your passion and skills by seeking jobs as interior designer. You may work in a small store or companies first to train your skills. If you have much experience in designing interior, you may take further big steps by finding job in some high reputation companies. Working in the small companies can enrich your experience in interior design. Those are some steps on how to be an interior designer.

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