2 Tips before Choosing Between Wall and Stand Lights for Living Room

Both stand and wall lights for living room are important to consider if you want to create the best appearance for your overall house look. Living room is the main place that you use to serve guests. A harmonious living room interior design that combines with accessories in it becomes the main factor for the overall aesthetic look in your living room. Sometimes you can also find many interesting wall decorations and favorite collections of the home owner However, between those 2 factors there is one thing that most people tend to neglect, that is, related with the lighting. In general, the lighting applied in the living room not only can leave a friendly impression for the overall, but also able to accentuate certain decorations in the living room. Both stand and wall lights are the most favorite lighting to be placed in the living room. Because the sufficient lights as well as warm atmosphere that each of the light offers. In contrast with stand lights that provides modern concept,  wall lights are able to bring glamourous as well as classic atmosphere in your living room. You can follow 2 tips below before choosing the right light for living room.

  1. Adjust the size of your living room and lamp

When you want to choose lamp to be installed in your living room, then, the very first thing you need to consider is the size of lamp. Make sure that the size of the lamp is suitable with the size of living room. If you have small living room, then choose lamp with small size. Meanwhile, if you have large living room, then you can choose the big size of lamp or some small size of lamps.

  1. Mix and match between the wall color and lamp color

A living room must have certain theme to put the right interior design such as if you have modern concept, then, you need to choose elegant as well as glamorous look that matched with modern concept of the living room. On the other hand, if you have classic theme, then you need to get a lamp that has vintage, simple or unique design that will perfectly blend with your classic theme.

In order to get those goals, there are some tips to set both stand and wall lights for living room that you can follow:

1. Stand lights for living room

Stand lights are consisting of 3 parts. First is the lamp foundation. Next is the body foundation and the last is lampshade. The foundation part of stand lights must strong enough for the overall body lights. The common height of the body light is more than 150 cm high.

  • Purpose

To accentuate certain decorations in the corner of the living room.

  • Advantage

One of the advantages from stand lights for living room is

2. Wall lights for living room

  • Purpose

To accentuate paintings or other wall decorations in the living room

  • Placement

It can be installed on the top or below the painting or other wall decorations.

  • Advantage

Beside for the main purpose, wall lights for living room also have another advantage, that is, to save the limited space of living room area.

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