2 Considerations to Create Modern and Bright lights for Living Room

If you have minimalist concept applied in your house, then you must not forget also to consider designing bright and modern lights for living room. There are 2 options that you can do to get a modern look, especially for the living room. They are using a natural and artificial lighting. To get the best result, thus, you need to put a high consideration what kind of lighting that suits best with your living room. Below are main considerations for each options.

1. Natural bright and modern lights for living room

There are 3 advantages that you can get by applying natural lighting for your living room as described below:

  • Low maintenance cost

You do not need high expense to pay for monthly electricity debt. It is because you only need sunlight as the primary source of lights can provide a bright as well as comfortable nuance in the living room. A lighting expert once recommends that you can maximize the window as creative as possible to provide more natural lighting.

  • Makes large effects

Bright lights can provide larger effects for any spaces, including living room. Except if you are afraid of privation issue, thus, you can choose to close the room using curtain. You can also take maximum benefits from applying natural lighting combines with artistic furniture or design. However, make sure that you do not put too much furniture in your living room. What you only need to do is pick and hang the best artistic that suits best with the reflection of natural lighting room.

  • Natural and calm nuance

By applying natural lighting, you might be able to get a natural as well as calm nuance for your living room. You only need to combine the natural lighting with additional sophisticated furniture such as the sofa, painting or living room table.

2. Artificial modern and bright lighting for living room

Lighting installment in the living room is indeed very important. The right placement of modern and bright lighting for living room can create massive impacts towards the home owner’s or guests mood and the aesthetics side in your living room. For a living room that is placed inside the house with less light, then it is recommended for you to apply artificial modern and bright lights for living room. There are 3 kinds of artificial lighting including general, task and accent lighting that you can choose:

– General lighting

General lighting is one of lighting technique that can be used as primary source of lighting in your house. Generally, the placement of general lighting is in the middle of the room as the purpose of general lighting itself is for creating bright lights for living room. Usually people use downlight or TL type for the each lights. Besides, you can also use indirect lighting with a hidden lamp where the only light source is coming from the lighting bias itself.

-Accent lighting

Last but not least, you can also apply accent lighting (only focus the lights on certain furniture). This way, you can also create both bright and modern lights for living room.

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